THE PAJA – Gift items

The design of the Paja - products describes the northern tradition

As a gift and also for the one who appreciates genuine experiences and knowhow shaped by the tradition of many centuries and timeless, modern design.

The form of the unique by hand forged Ilkka Marttiini Oy - products, which are also suitable for the daily use, differ from the traditional blacksmith production. The purity of the Finnish design and the functionality of Ilkka Marttiini Oy - products perfectly highlighted by the blacksmith matches very well the northern tradition of Janne Marttiini.

The controlled hand of the designer highlights the beauty of the strong, forged steel. Through their form the products tell us about tomorrow, but yet, they are traditionally manufactured from the iron ore of the Finnish soil. The blacksmith also stamps personally every single item he manufactures.

The names of the products in the Paja - Collection come from the Sami and Finnish languages. In Finland, Sami people speak three different languages: the northern Sami, Inari-Sami and Koltta-Sami. These languages are related to the Finnish language.

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